What do you see, when you watch TV? When you watch a show, a movie, or the news what do you see? Do you see the colors, the designs, the fashion, the ideas, and the message which the producers & directors try so hard to draw in your mind?

Do you see the Physical Angle of the Camera which amplifies your imagination, and sometimes exaggerates reality? Do you see what “they” want you to see, or do you see the reality of things, which can only be seen with a thinking mind? Do you watch TV, accept, dream about, and try to imitate its’ exaggerations? Or do you watch TV, think, reason, and try to capture the reality behind its’ exaggerations?

If you’ve lived your life accepting what you see on TV without taking the time to conduct realistic thinking, you’re simply a product, a copy, a replica of what the “media system” have successfully influenced & encouraged you to be. You’re a vulnerable mind with false convictions, a confused person with no genuine identity of yourself, perception, and ways.

What do you see in the mirror when you look at yourself? Do you see a person who has been developed by sound principles? Or do you see a person who has been shaped by unworkable beliefs of family, friends, and society? Do you see the real you? Look at yourself in the mirror, do you see a fearful liar, or do you see a brave truth teller? Do you think you are worth more, or worth less?

What type of fabric are your thoughts, actions, habits, and ways are built from? Were you responsible for forming your own beliefs, or did you just accept whatever others have passed on to you as your own?

Do you really think you’re free to think as you wish? Or are you confined by the ideas which society is serving you? Who do you think you are, and what do you think about who you are?

Have you mastered the art of time wasting? Or have you mastered the art of time investing? Do you listen to yourself, when you speak to yourself? Or do you simply accept everything you tell yourself?

What are you engrossed and absorbed by? Your hobbies, work, beliefs, failures, victories, needs and wants! Or are you engrossed by reality, the systematic ways in which you’re being brainwashed and used as a follower, laborer, consumer, a battery which when expired is simply forgotten and disposed of, in a place called the cemetery?

Is knowing who you are truly important to you, even if you must ask yourself uncomfortable and exhaustive questions?

Do you really believe that physical hard work alone, works in your favor? Or do you believe that the combined mental & physical hard work, works in your favor?

What do you see with your eyes, and what do you think with your mind?