Your final decisions & actions must be influenced by only a few relevant indicators.
Those indicators are responsible for the soundness of your course of action.
They act as your reason for doing or avoiding things. Indicators such as:

  • Physical health & strength
  • Mental health & strength
  • Relationship health
  • Level of confidence
  • Reputation
  • Financial stability

You may be physically healthy, but not as strong as you should be.
Mentally balanced, but not as effective as you should be.
Have good relationships, but can do something to make your relationships better.
Confident, but not when it comes to major decisions and actions.
Enjoy a good reputation, but not a reputation that is good enough for banks & creditors to trust you with their money.
Financially stable, but can do a few more things to further improve and secure your financial situation.

Check & review your guiding indicators to discover what they tell you.
And, make the needed improvements & changes to live a good & prosperous life.

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