Truth does not need conviction; truth requires “reflection.” If you make the time to ponder life’s many truths, you will find yourself standing before a major life changing decisions you must make. You’ll experience moments of clear-sighted decisions that will alter the course of your life till the end of time. This is not fiction or fantasy. This is life and its reality.
Whatever I have in store for the world, the world will witness. As for you, the person you truly are is hidden deep within you. Understand, you must learn to be brave, bold and fearless enough to bring that powerful being out of you into the open world. I don’t want people to read my teachings and strictly make it their truth, I want people to read my teachings; find keys that ignite that powerful being within them and finally begin to wake up. I fight to help each individual see reality in a new way; new possibilities and new approaches to elevate themselves and those around them to higher levels.
I’m aware enough to know that my personal methods are direct and bold, which may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, I encourage each Man and Women to use my work and make the necessary alterations to fit their unique individuality and personality. By nature, we are all MOVERS. Everything is constantly in continues movement. As you continue to move to succeed, you must learn to channel and focus your thoughts and action towards a specific end for prolonged periods of time in order to give outward form and mold that unseen powerful character that is already within you. When you do so, over a period of time, you will begin to frequently recognize powerful qualities and values about yourself which work to your advantage. Again, it’s hard work. Of course, there is a price to pay, but it’s defiantly worth paying if finding who you “really are” is the outcome.
When you discover who you really are, you unleash your full potential and overcome countless obstacles with as time goes by. Just keep moving. 
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