A Bird will travel through a specific route, stop on a specific tree, recognize specific food, then land on the ground to consume their food.

A Bird will remember that specific route, and travel through it several times during the day, as needed, to satisfy its’ hunger.
A Bird will repeat this Habitual routine on daily basis, to survive.

Birds & Humans have a few basic commonalities if we observe the following factors.

– Traveling
– Stopping
– Recognition
– Consumption

Humans travel to many places every day. The majority of time, traveling through a specific route, particularly a job route.
Most Birds travel through the air, most Humans travel on the ground, with one common goal in focus “to get the job done.”

Humans stop at their job, for a certain amount of time, to do a certain amount of work. Birds stop on the ground, for a certain amount of time, to consume food or gather nest materials.
– Humans work to 1. Secure income 2. Fulfill their needs.
– Birds work to: Fulfill their needs.

Humans recognize, and know how, to do their job. Birds recognize, and know how, to gather food & build their nest. Regardless of the type of job, any human can learn how to do almost any job.

Humans exchange their physical & mental energy, to earn money, to buy things to consume. Birds exchange physical energy, to consume things.

The moral of the story here is Habit. Birds have a very limited habitual structure. They cannot comprehend, change, or do anything else other than what they are programmed to do by necessity.
Humans, on the other hand, have a massive habitual structure. They can comprehend, change, and do anything else other than what they’ve programmed “themselves” to do by necessity.

You, yes You, have the power to change your habits, which are responsible for producing the current results you’re living with.
If the Bird knew better, it would start a food & nesting business. But it cannot, because the Bird is incapable of comprehending that which is beyond its awareness.
If you knew better, you would find the job you Love, or start your own business. But, you cannot, until you’re capable of comprehending that which is beyond your current awareness.

Technicalities, complications, competition and all of these similar scary terms are nothing but intimidating words to keep you (the laborer, the consumer, the conformer) at bay. The more you think about how tough things can get, the more you talk yourself out of becoming a high achiever. Your mind is a weapon, which you can use against yourself. You can pack your mind with realistic & constructive thoughts, to get to where you want to go. Or, you can pack your mind with misconceptions & deconstructive thoughts, and stay right where you’re at.
You are not a Bird. You are a Human with massive potential to achieve many things, by any means, using any logical method, to prosper.

Unfortunately, many Humans demonstrate the limitations of Birds, in many ways. However, to achieve better results, different actions & risks must be taken. Different plans & habits must be performed. Different involvement & interaction with yourself & others must take place. A different perspective must take root in your mind and actions or order to start materializing your new destination & life.

You are not limited. You simply believed what you were limited, and made it your reality, by using the power of belief against your favor. A choice, a change, a way will always be there for those who genuinely seek it bad enough.

If you do not understand the above story, read it again. If you do understand the above story, then what are you waiting for? Start today, start now, and consistently change your perspective & life to the better.