My views and writings about success are a mixture of great, good, bad and painful experiences. In all cases, I do not entertain the idea of sharing and teaching things I have not personally experienced since that would prevent me from effectively delivering my thoughts clearly to you. My reward resides in helping you conceive and adopt the methodology which had worked well for me. If I can successfully manage to help you understand these concepts ‘without confusion’ I can genuinely say “I’ve done my job well.”

is a person with the massive capacity to deal with the inevitable obstacles and disappointments life is sure to throw in one’s path, while simultaneously, translating and converting them into practical success stepping stones to thrive and help others do the same. During my early youth, the definition of success was in terms of; money, material possessions, along with other insignificant beliefs. Sure, it’s nice to obtain the best of what material things life offers, and yes, money can buy one free time and cover “most” necessities. However, the older I grow, the more I realized what true success is. Personally, at this stage in life and point of time, true success is “mastering my own understanding.” You see, peace of mind is born from the ability to be confident that ‘whatever’ happens in life, one possess the experience and ability to successfully deal with it. I have gained and lost much in life, through it all, I have clearly understood that loss of any kind (business, personal, financial, etc..) is bound to happen. But, if I am humble enough to admit that I was wrong, capture and learn the lesson(s) and move forward, I always receive an enlightening lesson that adds to my working knowledge. I believe that life makes things obvious if we deliberately take the time to observe and contemplate different situations. The mind is created to do exactly that. Each individual is already capable of exercising their power to ‘Think’ and ‘Reason.’ With losses, frustrations can rise and cloud our thinking, which can possibly lead to discouragement and pessimism. Just remember, as a rule, disappointments are like appointments waiting to arrive. If/when they do, one must habitually be ready to absorb the impact, capture the lesson and succeed through it all.
I’ve managed to isolate many negative things & beliefs that were serving me in a counterproductive way in my life. Usually not by choice, but by necessity, in order to succeed. Mental growth, spiritual wellness, physical health, financial freedom and growth of any sort universally require a certain level of understanding. To obtain anything we desire, we must ‘understand and comprehend’ the ‘how to’ before we do so. If you desire more growth in any area of life, keep in mind that there’s always a cost. That cost is definitely within reach for everyone who is willing to pay it, giving that one is willing to invest the time, energy and learning from experience to reach those higher state of life. Normally, if one loves their vocation, their field of endeavor, or whatever they are engaged in; they are more responsive to and open minded towards tough challenges, therefore they dive deeper into finding solutions and resources to prosper.
I feel like Life beats the living light out of me before I grasp the lesson. Then, I realize that Life is trying to make a better, sharper, well-informed human being out of me. Therefore, I am grateful. Take the same approach, and you’ll manage to sail the Ocean of challenges more smoothly with the passing of time.
If you find any of the lessons I share with you useful, please share and help others. Climbing the Mountain of success with others is gratifying. As always, Stand Strong and keep Moving.
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