God bless you. Keep up the good work, you inspire me. Namaste.

Ay Moving Company LLC.

Aug 11, 2016

Mover… You moved me, and my life has completely changed for the better. You inspired me and gave me hope when I truly had none. Your words are simple, and directly to the point. I have a new life now, and it has only been 7 months, things have changed… Believing in myself, even if it was faint, and ridding myself of those who dulled my spirit was the first step. Then I started speaking positive things into my life, and have examined my failures and have learned from them.
I have a lot to recover from, but I’m no longer afraid!
Thank you, Mover. Never stop what you do…

Angela Kimberly
April 3, 2016

You can give hope for many people.

Николай Покровский
Oct 19, 2015

Love all of your posts, they make so much sense.

M L Foy
Oct 8, 2015

Must Keep MOVING. I won’t stay stuck, never again. Bless you Mover for your encouragement ALWAYS I Thank You.

Sonia Venegas
Oct 4, 2015

Your spot is a fountain of faith in God, of love and light, like your interesting and clever website. We congratulate you. Go ahead. God bless you all. I remain, yours truly.

Jul 2, 2015

Thank you so much, amazing work… Keep up the awesome work.

Melvin Lindy
Jun 25, 2015

When I checked out your G+ page, I was blown away by your powerful, inspirational, empowering posts! I’ve never seen anything like it. Had to reach out and let you know. You are using your voice in a PHENOMENAL way. Bless you!!

Christine McGruder
Jun 21, 2015

l am truly lucky to have known someone who’s ideas and writings are more precious than all masked, fake, ignorant and selfish people who make our lives difficult. You are like the Stop sign that tells me; “know your value, be strong, count to ten and be logical to gain not lose”. You are the sound that tells me; “do not forget what you learn from experience, go on and fly to be content and gain peace.”
I still remember your advice; “put the necessary as priority and focus on it. Exclude the unnecessary and do not think of it… l practice on that.

May Alothman
Apr 21, 2015

Mover, your words are all absolute truth. Thank you so much.

Apr 20, 2015

Thank you for directing me in the right state of mind and also frame of mind. I think this is wonderful that you have given me these tips. I wish you much love, light, peace, happiness, laughter, kindness and compassion.

Tammy Ashby
Apr 19, 2015

Mover I will never ever forget you (you are my motivator). Thanks for always sharing your knowledge. Continue to do what you are doing. I know you will always help someone along the way, just like what you did for me. I’m always saying thank you, God bless and keep you at peace.

Raphia Gyles
Apr 14, 2015

I think you’re a true testament to the saying Adversity Builds Character, you got up and turned a negative into a positive from zero. You saw a need from within yourself and shared with us because you know what it feels like.To want to help someone better themselves is the perfect gift that you keep giving to all of us. I feel better and live better already since I’ve been following you,I had questions and needed my wounds healed spiritually and wisely without self destructing and your teachings have provided that for me. I’m better towards my family and the people who’ve wounded me and only want the best for them. I look forward to your teachings, sometimes I miss them as I have too many notifications coming through, but I always try to find them on your pages. They’re like star lights at night when I can’t find my way. Thank you ♥

Gina Garcia
Apr 12, 2015

In this technological era, I thinks there is a cutthroat completion in almost every field. A person like me can sometimes get distracted by failure which prevents me from spending time with family and friends. Therefore, Motivation and Guidance is a requirement. Mover gives his valuable time for creating such Amazing posts that are very clear which work to pull me away from distractions and back on to the right path. These posts encourage me to think in a correct manner. I really think students such as myself require Effective Motivation from time to time. l am thankful to Mover for accomplishing this through his incredible posts and videos, and hope more people will definitely benefit through this; motivation, guidance, problem solving, fundamental and new ideas. Thank you sir for sharing with us.

Vishaal Khairnar
Apr 11, 2015

I thank you for your writings and hope that you know, they do inspire me! Let’s just say, my heart is touched, my soul is excited and ultimately, I am truly Moved!

Angela Kimberly
Feb 12, 2015

A Special thanks to Mover who has more than a little bit to do with my success. I want you to know that you do great work. I admire your persistent message of pure unadulterated progress. Thank you… 2014 has left an indelible mark on my life. It was a year of transition. A year of self-reflection, personal discoveries, and a lesson re-learned: That steady progress, no matter how small, sure does add up over time! Lets Keep Moving forward, one small step at a time, no matter what happens in our lives. Do not be discouraged. Nothing is beyond your reach if you simply plod on relentlessly.

Thomas Parisi
Jan 1, 2015

Simplicity is the key to a successful happy life. I enjoy the positive energy you try and put out in the universe. We all need to be a little more positive in our lives.

Libra Gauger
Dec 26, 2014

Great terminology , no doubt.

Diane Watters
Aug 4, 2014

Thank you for the wonderful posts Mr. Mover. They inspire me so much. Your words truly encourage us.

Krutika Kulkarni
Jul 4, 2014

Thanks. A sure lesson in my Research in Information Technology Solutions (RITS) class.

Melvin Hall
Jun 2, 2014

Mover, your teachings are to the point and a little extreme, that’s what makes it beautiful. The world is extreme, it sugar coats nothing and time waits for no one. In a world so full of negativity it’s easy for one to stray. The balance of positive and negative are so close, which can sometimes make situations more difficult than they really are. Thank you my friend for taking the time out of your life to share this beautiful journey of your life lessons.

Dutchess Davis
Jun 2, 2014

When your taught at an early age to always at the most part to be positive, optimistic, at 44 y/o I still feel in my peak young 20,’s, its true tho, you gain & retain confidence thru life’s experiences and challenges. Only you souly can predict the amount of confidence in your life a big part of it is to make good financial & lifestyle choices.

Deam Ariosa
May 22, 2014

Perfectly wonderful advice ~ a great way to live!! Thanks for sharing this thought!!

Mary Sauceman
May 13, 2014

Remembering your post was instrumental in getting my ass out the door the other day, even after I overslept by several hours. I ended up meeting some business people in need of my services. Looking, thinking and doing writings such as yours has been a big help to getting myself back on track, I choose to look at the positive things, and it has been such a huge help. So thank you very much :)

Tim W
Apr 25, 2014

Creative and Motivating =)

Code Breaker
Apr 1, 2014

I have been telling my friends about you and all your great advice, by all means keep up the good work. Thank you so much for building my spirit up. I’ve learned that I can love myself and still help others. Thanks, I needed to read these words today because I have been procrastinating since this morning… I’m going to workout right now. I’m going to change the channel on my attitude. I gotta Move!

Vantrese Musick
Mar 19, 2014

I have been telling my friends about you and all your great advice, by all means keep up the good work. Thank you so much for building my spirit up. I’ve learned that I can love myself and still help others. Thanks, I needed to read these words today because I have been procrastinating since this morning… I’m going to workout right now. I’m going to change the channel on my attitude. I gotta Move!

Vantrese Musick
Mar 19, 2014

You’ve got the best inspirational / motivational quotes. Where do I find the book ?

Rod Knight
Mar 15, 2014

You work Amazingly with your thoughts Mover.

Raman Kakkar
Mar 5, 2014

I see a good book on the way. Keep on Moving buddy.

Dev Kumar
Feb 21, 2014

I can honestly say I’m Moving, advancing steadily forward each day and I’m feeling great. You have been an inspiration. Thanks brother.

Henry Tavune
Feb 9, 2014

For someone who has Moved around so much, you do an excellent job in your writing composition!

Elaine C
Feb 7, 2014

You should write a book! Once it’s published and ready, do let us know so that we can get our own copy!

Dt Hinkle
Feb 7, 2014

I made it Mover. After 3 months with my leg in cast through training, patience and step by step, I made it! I can walk normally and the biggest challenge, the stairs, is won. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

Izabella Simon
Jan 6, 2014

It’s ON bro! The message is now being spread. Keep them coming and I will keep on inviting friends.

John F. Kennedy
Jan 5, 2014

Mover you’re a soldier of light. Keep it up!

Adrian Bogdan
Dec 28, 2013

Wanted to thank you for sharing your life’s path with us. It was Moving and Enlightening. I keep coming back to the wise words here. Actually, some of the wisest words to know.

Silvija Lechowick
Dec 22, 2013

I really enjoy your posts. It takes will power and focus to keep moving forwarded. The rewards are well worth the self discipline to stay on track to ones long term goal.

Teresa Linette
Dec 21, 2013

My friend my life coach, you have been my source of strength. You are my mentor. THANK YOU.

Lisa Mari
Oct 28, 2013

I spend most of my life thinking of ideas that eventually get lost with the fleeting thought. Now is the time to Move. Thank you.

Said Hasan
Oct 21, 2013