Originality in anything is (or at least “is” to my understanding) “the individual’s ability to naturally embed (and express) their ‘personal interpretation’ of the objective world that is being immediately perceived.” Simply stated, it is the ability to explain what is seen and heard after thoroughly thinking about the concept through one’s “own perspective” not through the endless perspectives of others. Although it is important to take note of the views of others, it remains essential for the perceiver (you) to ultimately express and act by their own conclusions.  

To believe and act by what someone else  declares to be true, is to blindly limit and suppress one’s unique interpretation, even if, one’s unique interpretation is reached by another individual or group of people. In other words, act by your interpretation even if your interpretation is equivalent to His or Her interpretation of the matter.

This type of perspective can seem paradoxical, and even appear inconsistent, for it basically states; “do not act by the beliefs of others, but act only by your own beliefs, even if your beliefs are a copy.” Do not let this paradox stall or puzzle you. Because if you’re working to uncover and unleash your own originality, which can only be born from your exclusive impression, then you must take the necessary steps and time to unearth, compile, and conclude your idiosyncratic conclusions “by yourself.”

The truth is common and universal. Therefore, what you discover to be true, is not limited to you. Truth is abundant, and is equally accessible to those who work to attain and utilize it. The road one will chose to travel, followed by the method one will chose to examine and separate useful from useless facts, is decided and fashioned exclusively by the individual. Although in our time, many professions are currently well defined and established, and appear to be well monopolized by experts, it is beneficial (and critical) to remember that “an endless range for growth and improvement still exists, and will continue infinitely.” To think limited, is to suspend your mind from performing its highest function, which is the ability to think.

Regardless of the profession or type of business one may be involved in, it is worthy to note that creativity is boundless. Thus, one can safely conclude that it is entirely a matter of one’s capability to firstly; establish their  originality by interpreting the world in their own way using their personal perspective, and secondly; begin to regularly transmit, share, and elaborate their original perception of new understandings with others.

Picture a massive world, with all sorts of undiscovered possibilities, along with billions of people living on it, all equally granted with the most powerful instrument in existence known as the Brain, with complete freedom and permission to use this powerful instrument in any imaginable way. Now, imagine that 99% of those people are gathered and living in “one big room” which has only “one window” that reveals “one view.” In this type of scenario, one can generally conclude two factors:

1. All of the people who reside within that big room which includes one window have a “confined perspective view” of the world
2. The 1% of people who live outside of the room have a “unconfined perspective view” of the world.

If we contemplate and compare the above simple example to the situation which most people are experiencing on daily grounds, we will find many similarities.

Firstly, the 99% group of people (living in the big room), are the people who generally (but not always) accept the ideas of others, and live by them. Ideas which can relate to personal well-being, professional matters, or financial matters. This is not necessarily a good or a bad strategy, because as humans we must first have a starting point of learning, the problem arise when most people allow the “starting point” to remain as their “primary point” over the years. It is similar to completing High School, then coming out to the real world of workforce and commerce, and thinking with the same mentality and methods of a High School student. The reality is different at every level, which of course requires a different level of thinking to complement changing realities. Different strategies, rules, and systems exist in the professional world. The same is equally true with relationships, different approaches of dealing with one’s life-partner are necessary to sustain a healthy growing relationship.

Secondly, the 1% group of people (living outside of the big room), are the distinctive minority of people who perceive life in their exclusive way. Sure, they do consider what other people think, but they are extremely careful not to allow the views of others to become theirs, unless, they themselves discover it to be true after thorough examination. The 1% group of people apply this strategy to all matters of high importance. How can we be sure that this conclusion is in fact true? To answer this question, we must consider the original innovations which have only been realized by the minority of people. Historical and contemporary figures who have presented complete new and creative ideas to the world, are not average thinkers. They dig deep into the basics and essentials of matters to discover truths that others do not bother (or do not think deeply enough about) to uncover. We will refrain from diving into the subject of the world’s greatest achievers, and keep our focus on what the average individual can start doing to become a more effective thinker, to start improving their quality life, and consequently the quality of the lives of others.

Presumably, most people would like to enjoy the benefits of being a creative and effective thinker. The challenge is becoming part of the minority of people who think in such ways. Put simply, the example of the big room with one window we’ve previously illustrated above, is an example of wisdom. The big room resembles the cage in which we entrap ourselves in, and the window is the hole in the wall which we see the world through, but unfortunately the world always appears to show us the same picture which does not permit us to visually conceive other relevant factors. This is the point. It is you exclusive ability to think as if such room or window exists in the first place. By using your marvelous mind, exercising your power to think beyond any such rooms, windows, or other physiological limitations. A barrier you must break, and overcome by yourself. Remember that out of approximately 7.4 billion people (during our present time) you are gifted with a singular instrument that was designed to be used creatively, without limitations, which we all recognize as the Brain.

Employ your ability to think, because no one can do it for you. No one can physically move your hands or legs for you on regular bases, you perform these physical functions willingly and intentionally. The same applies to your mind, no one can really think for you. Hence, it is your job to willingly and intentionally think for yourself.

Thinking is resembles a deep ocean, or a limitless space in which everything is located, it is many (or too many) things. But to frame it in terms we are capable of comprehending and working with, it is our ability to thoroughly observe subjects in question, separate and extract relevant factors from irrelevant factors, flexibly adapt to changes as needed, test and act by our genuine conclusions, and so forth. Effective thinking is like anything else, it comes with practice and repetition. The more time you take to deeply observe something of interest, the closer you get to finding powerful truths. It is not magic, it takes deliberate and dedicated work. One “should not” force themselves to think deeply, thinking should come from a place of genuine interest, preferably a place of love for knowledge, without obligations. Understand and believe that you are equally gifted with this privilege, and know that you have the complete permission to make use of it.