To start with, you do not have to listen or pay attention to anything I say or teach. Because in this day and age, it seems, that the vast majority appears to know exactly what they’re lecturing about (a substantial claim that most of us should not make). It becomes troublesome to identify those with the genuine interest of helping people at heart, and, those with the genuine interest of mostly helping themselves (at your expense). Those who benefit from manipulating your impression, to control the possible direction of your present and/or future actions are labeled as manipulators. They either serve themselves, or serve the organization which they are associated with.

Impression manipulators are categorized into multiple levels. Some are novices, some are good, and some are experts at “manipulating” your impression, therefore, controlling (to a limited, but, high degree) the eventuality of the possible course of actions which you may decide to take. You see, when you “think” you have “decided” to take some kind of “action,” the pre-existing factor of others taking a “roll” in your decision making is already present. Identify and avoid Impression Manipulators. Impressions promote confidence, confidence promote action, and your actions can work to your disadvantage. 

For example; If you are shopping for a Service/Product of any kind, you may start by asking the opinions of others. Firstly, you may ask people you personally know, and they will tell you what they genuinely think (this is simply what “they” think, it is not necessarily the best or worst way to find the first-rate Service/Product you seek), they have no intention of manipulating your impression to serve their benefit, or interest, in any way. Simply speaking what they know, and continuing on to other subjects. Secondly, you may search the internet, and (unsurprisingly) this is where many of the “impression manipulators” of all levels live. You will read reviews, articles, watch videos, and drown in countless information. Some of those folks are unconvincing, some are okay, and some are extremely proficient at what they do. They will employ all of their tactics and deceptive ways to shower your interpretation with what you “want & desire” to read, hear, and see. They will work hard to keep the “information” which can alarm (and repel) the observer, far from your attention. Because what is good for you, is not exactly what is good for them. Those “experts” at the art of “Impression Manipulation” exist in many places, on and off the internet. That is one example (there are many).

How does this factor affect the overall quality of your life? In countless cases, it is not what you know that can negatively affect you, it is what you “do not know.” Existing in the world does not mean to live in isolation. We must interact and deal with others on occasional, or sometimes, very consistent bases (in personal and professional life). Logically, it follows that we must build (to some degree) a way of fairly discerning between those who are trying to truly benefit us (even if they must tell us, without deception, the disadvantages which we may “personally decide” to accept or reject), and those who are trying to really exploit and manipulate us (by shading the brightest light on all the benefits and advantages, while keeping what you “should really know” hiding in the dark, and far away from your attention).

Keep in mind, we are not concluding that manipulator are good or bad people, because they reside in many important occupations and businesses. We are simply attempting to bring their “actions” to light, in order for us to better recognize their deceptive ways, and keep our distance from them (and their shady practices). Perhaps, it is not their fault, maybe they have their reasons and excuses, and they desire what’s best for themselves, more than what’s best for others (in all, or most of their dealings). They probably believe there exists a shortage of customers, or not enough demand for their service/product, and in doing so, try to capture and capitalize on every chance they encounter (using deception). In any instance, dealing with such individuals or organizations will not yield the best benefits for you. In fact, to live a more abundant life, becoming increasingly aware of the deceptive ways of others, and avoiding them, is important to your growth. For example; You cannot make the most out of your small or large business by purchasing inferior supplies (needed to run your business) for a high price, when alternatively, you can (after conducting a thorough research) acquire the same (or better) type of supplies for an equal or lower prices through, a different supplier.

Being sharp, and observant is a “skill” that can be developed by closely observing and “comparing” the words and actions of people you are dealing with, this process becomes a second nature to you as you continue to practice and repeat it time and again. Sometimes, you will have to “try or buy” what they are offering in order to get an experience of their offered Service/Product, sometimes your choices are limited and you must make the best out of the available resources, but in all cases, always remember that the final decision is yours to make, therefore it would be wise to make sure (to a large extent) that you’re making a balanced and “independent” decision that is free from any manipulation and infiltration (coming from people you’re making deals with). Then, compare their offerings with the quality, specifications, and performance, to the offerings which others provide. There will always be some degree of risk, a learning curve, and a good deal of making mistakes. That is entirely normal in any profession and business. Your goal as an individual who is striving to consistently grow sharper and more successful, is to make the unbiased professional decisions that lead to favorable outcomes.

Most people are good people, but we simply cannot allow our emotions to interfere with our professional and business life. The chase of money and creation of large profits can blind the judgment of those we deal with. Hence, a systematic approach is needed to prevent others from abusing and taking advantage of us. Manipulative ways are never considered a good business practice, and we simply must learn to recognize them by become astute individuals, capable of accurately assessing situations or people for our security and success.