Many of our ideas and concepts will often, for whatever reason, accommodate some doubt and pessimism. The single fact which endlessly works to resist doubts and pessimism, while providing the confidence and drive to continue offering our products and services to the world, is contributing something of “value” to humanity. Clearly realizing that your purpose in life is to effectively fulfill the needs of others, is the starting point of any successful venture. Poisonous thoughts about receiving no demand for your ideas and concepts will cripple your forward movement from the start. If you have a practical and useful talent; product, or service which you believe would benefit others and can benefit you personally and financially, then you must act on it without hesitation. Your primary aim would be to build, improve, and supply your goods to those who demand it.

Take into consideration that “no one” is forced to purchase your goods, or do business with you. Everyone on earth has the “free choice” of whom they decide to do business with. During your initial startup, it is not about how good or bad your product is, because there are good and bad products everywhere. It is about the “consistency” of supplying your product to others. If you have some kind of a talent, or merchandise of any kind, it is your duty to continuously market it and be ready to serve it. Potential clients or customers will then, often or occasionally remember you, then (when the time is appropriate) make the choice as to whether or not they want to do business with you.
Consider the following example; there are thousands of restaurants in the city, with massive varieties of flavors and choices. No hungry person is forced to purchase a particular kind of food to eat at any given time of the day. Each hungry individual has the absolute freewill to choose the type of restaurant they want to give their business to, depending on their cravings and appetite. Nevertheless, it is the “duty” of the restaurant to be “open and ready” for business when the demand is present. Your situation is no different, regardless of the type of goods you’re supplying your clients or customers with.

One of the primary goals in a business of any type and size, is to maintain the ability to efficiently and immediately serve their supplies to consumers, to keep the customer happy. Keep yourself and your business prepared for the opportunity to serve and help others when they demand it.

Naturally, the inferiority or superiority of your product will have an effect on the level of demand you receive over the long run. Continuously exerting effort into improving the quality and usefulness of your goods will improve and help increase the demand and will work effectively to promote repetitive business.
Remember that there will always be a demand for something, wherever a shortage of something exists. As an example; bored people (boredom creates the demand), seek entertainment (entertainment is the supply). Hungry people (hunger creates the demand), seek food (food is the supply). It would be wise and sensible to strive and become matchless in the field you are involved in. Accept the fact there will always be someone who is more effective and creative than you. And, for that reason, you must regularly continue to elevate the quality level of your goods.

In regards to the level of demand for your goods, recognize that it is not within your control. However, you have the control of encouraging repetitive demand for your merchandise by “injecting value” into everything you; create, resale, or serve our customers with. The number of people who appreciate the level of service and value they receive from you, well do repeated business, and recommend others to do business with you.

The kind of market in which you decide to become productive in, should ideally be a market with a large number of potential customers. A market that contains a few thousand potential customers, is very little, when compared to a market that contains a few million potential customers. Realistically, not many people may be interested in purchasing skydiving gear. However, many people are interested in; healthy food products, educational products, technological services, art in its many forms, along with a variety of other needed products and services.

It is fulfilling to have a passion in life, the fact which makes this situation even greater; is to have a passion that is in demand by the majority, and make a living through supplying it. You deserve a generous compensation for your gifts, talent, skills, and hard work. If you have any doubts about your ability to earn a living through your passion, then you must exercise logic, and examine all of the strange and odds passions which people have followed through with, and successfully generated an outstanding income or in some cases became wealthy. Moving beyond our doubts and mental blocks regarding our personal and professional lives, is critically important. Waste no time with doubts and pessimism, if the goal and mission is to enrich the lives of others. The only way to find out what one is truly and completely capable of achieving, is to get involved, and do the necessary work which must be done. Do your best, and you will find plenty of people who will appreciate doing business with you.

The most difficult part of any venture is the initial startup. This is natural, simply  because very few people are familiar with your brand and quality. Therefore, the demand of your brand will most likely be very little in the beginning. Do not allow this to discourage or affect your overall plans. No major brand, was major when first starting. If you work diligently to introduce valuable goods to the market, and serve them consistently to the public, you’ve successfully established one of the basic ground rules for conducting good business. If you accordingly satisfy the needs of one customer, you have successfully created a happy customer. Happy customers are very likely to tell others about how satisfied they are. With time, word of mouth begins to slowly spreads about the quality and high satisfaction of customers who have done business with you. This process continues to repeat, until your brand becomes well-known across the marketplace.

Understand, the demand for your business already exists. Do not allow any procrastination or hesitation to stand in your way. Do not be intimidated by the size of the business you are working to build. If you desire to build a big business that serves the needs of hundreds of thousands, or possibly the millions of people, then call into mind that some of the biggest businesses in the world have started as small operations often from home, then expanded their operations into a small store, and continued to expand until they became the giants they are today. Regardless of the company size you desire to operate, you must begin the process of creating and building it. Your time, thoughts, energy, and any amount of money are assets use them to the best of your capability to nourish the seed of abundance in your life.