Transitioning from your job to your own business, is a methodical and systematic progression, like anything else. It is a process of moving from one state or system to another. If you currently work a job that requires starting at 9 in the morning, and finishing at 5 in the afternoon (or a similar work shift), essentially; you are giving 8 hours of your day to support and operate someone else’s business (in return for hourly or commission wages). If you are not satisfied with this sort of a general situation, then owning and operating your independent business would be the next stage.

However, to start your own business this month, and quite working your current job by next month, would be fairly unrealistic. And, would clearly place you in a difficult situation.

To disengage from your day job, and engage with your line of work/business, a logical and well-grounded approach would be to; slowly move yourself from one position to another. In other words, to steadily move away from your current job, into your own business. By taking this measure, you would continue to secure a stream of income from your current job to support your lifestyle, while simultaneously, building a different stream of income through your own business.

The building process of a business can prove to be lengthy and tedious. This is precisely why determination and patience are required on your part, while gradually building and establishing a lasting foundation of your own making. Understand, each and every step you take to “move towards” building your own business today, is another step you take to “move away” from working for others tomorrow.

For example; if you normally work from 9 to 5 at your job. And, after arriving home from work, you form the habit of regularly working on your own business, essentially; you would strategically be taking one step into your business and, and strategically taking one step out of your job. Let’s say you run a small operation, which provides people with needed greeting cards during holidays or during special occasions. Every single time you arrange the available time you have to create New & Unmatched Greeting cards for potential customers, you are creating another product to add to your collection of Unique Greeting Cards. As a result, the total monthly sales revenue of your operation would typically increase. Simply, because you are creating additional and needed products for the customer to choose from, which will increase the likelihood of them making a purchase through your business.

As you gradually build the habit of continuing to create new and innovative items to add your business, you’re continuously and steadily building a source of income which you can rely upon in the future. The day your source of income, from your business begins to equally match the source of income from your current job, is the day you can be confident of quitting your job, and fully invest all of your time into your operation.

The simple decision of starting your own business is not difficult to make. However, sticking to your decision over the next five to ten years is the difficult part. This is why a strong and profound desire, in combination with determination is necessary to make your business succeed. The soul of a business is its founder, the gears of a business its operator. The business itself can be “any type of business,” but the operator can not be “any type of operator.” Any establishment will only go as far as its founders level of creativity and hard work will go. You are the captain, master, and prime decision maker of your own company.

Going back to the Greeting Cards example. If you create one new greeting card per day, you are essentially creating an additional source of income. Which means, if you currently work an 8 hours shift at your present job, by next month, you may only have to work a 7 hours shift at your existing job. And, by the following month, you may only have to work 5 hours shift per day at your job. The number of work hours at your occupation will continue to “decrease,” as you continue to “increase” the amount of time, and number of products you add to the collection of your business. In essence, you are methodically and routinely working on “earning” your financial freedom.

Technically, it is a mathematical formula which works effectively. The more energy and effort that is being invested into the marketing of your products, the more customers the business will attract, accordingly generating increased revenues as you gradually continue to improve your operation.

Again transitioning from one source of income to another is a mathematical process, which requires time. Independence from a job is the result of building a dependable business.  Do not be fearful of building a business, because you do not have to know much about building a business, during your initial start. You will learn much on your journey of creating your startup. It is not the size of business you should focus on when starting, it is the determination level you have to build the business up to the size you want it to become in the future.

The more resolute and determined you are, the better Foundation you will assemble. When you face difficult times, always remember that you are working to build something foundational for yourself, and for others. Always be reminded that every bit of energy, time, and creative you inject into your business, will return a much larger compensation than your current job provides. You will have access to the luxuries of creating your own schedule; being and remaining the decision maker, becoming a supplier of useful merchandise, and the granted ability of earning as much more money as you would desire by doing more for your business. Many people receive less than what they deserve in life, because they do less than what they are supposed to do to receive what they want to receive. Never falsely believe that you can get more, by doing less. Keep your faith and continue to do whatever it takes to create the life you desire, and through it all, keep moving forward.