The definition of an easy job, is a job that requires “little or no thinking.” Evidently, the vast majority of easy jobs, do not  pay well. This is a fact, which cannot be disputed. Through observing those who labor at easy jobs, you will notice that their actions are repetitive, and require little or no thinking. This factor applies equally to any industry, that is systematized in advance.

By taking a closer look, you will notice that employees routinely arrive at their job site, on a timely schedule, ready to perform “preassigned tasks and duties.” They are trained and instructed to handle customers and clients properly, through a certain procedure and programs, according to the training manuals provided by the company.

Employees are simply referred to as “human capital.” Human Resources (HR) is the responsible division for; finding, screening, recruiting, and training job applicants. The basic function of “human capital” is to run and operate the business in which they are employed at as directed.

If you observe employees in any industry, you will realize that their actions are preset, and, are well thought out beforehand by the company directors. Their vocabulary, methods of dealing with customers, and actions all comply with the company rules and regulations. They are trained how to write letters, handle customers, take orders, notify other employees of priority tasks, create, fix, and organize products. In essence, they are trained to do “anything and everything” they are instructed to perform.

As a consequence, there is little or no thinking involved for the employee to do, in most cases and with most companies. Since employees are (by practice) informed and thought; what, when, and how to do things. In other words, they are transformed into human robots.

This predicament is not necessarily a good, or a bad thing. It is a factor of business. A standardized way which humans have developed to systemize business operations in the world of commerce. Clearly, in any financially successful business, the most important aspect is their; monthly net profits, balance sheet, and bottom line. In other words; how much profits they make at the end of the month. Therefore, to accomplish increased profits, it is critical to keep their labor costs low (for the majority of companies, if not all of them). In fact, if they had the power to operate “without” labor costs, they would not be hiring people (human capital) to operate their business. The impersonal way in which companies view things is; the less money they spend towards “human capital,” the more “financial capital” they’ll possess. This is primarily why most corporations tend to export jobs to third world countries, in effort to keep their labor costs low (this relates specifically to giant corporations).

If human capital was not a primary, and mandatory component to operate a business, people would not have jobs. The majority of people would be jobless, and unable to support themselves. Simply put, we are an invaluable and indispensable asset to businesses. Without the aid of human labor, no business can run and prosper.

Considering the above discussed factors, we can safely conclude that those who exercise the power of thoughts “always” have the upper hand, and the advantage over others. Fortunately, the ability to exercise the power of thought is surely within everyone’s reach. No one can strip away the right of free thought, from any man or women. It is completely up to the individual to think as they wish . And, to create what they imagine, and put it into action what they conceive and originate.

Plainly understanding that thinkers have a clear advantage over non-thinkers, would direct and influence you to join the minority group of thinkers. This approach would certainly grant you with a noticeable advantage, which others do not often bother to earn and utilize. You will have the power to create your own job, become your own human capital, with your own set of rules and regulations to comply with. After creating your own job, and officially converting it into a company, you will have the complete authority to provide the economy with jobs, and set your own rules and regulations for your employees to comply with.

This may seem a bit tiresome, and involves much thinking. Realistically, it is a personal decision of whether or not you choose to be a free person, that is “not” entangled in financial burdens and pressures, or, to be a person who will labor until retirement, then collect a small monthly retirement income (if available) to survive on for the remainder of their life. Factually, if you choose to think less, you will allow others to do the thinking for you. As a result, others will always have the upper hand. But, if you choose to think more, you will have the upper hand, and set yourself ahead of the crowd.

Whether you choose to be a self reliant thinker or a non thinker, you will labor, and exert much energy during the span of your life, in some course. It will always be more advantageous to you to become; the thinker and the leader of your professional life. The power of thinking is unlimited, and will not only do the greatest good for you, but will also do the greatest good for others. Understand, becoming a good thinker enables you with the power to sympathize with others, and the power to change their lives, instead of just watching helplessly. You can use the power of money for the good of yourself, your family, and those who work with and for you. You can help save lives by making interval donations to the hurt, the hungry, and the needy. Becoming a thinker is more of a duty that one should fulfill in their lifetime, before departure.

We often do things we did not know we can do in life, when we are “required” to do them. Unfortunately, thinking is not required, and therefore most people choose the easier route of avoiding the think. Many things can cloud our mind, and thinking can become a difficult task to deal with. Numerous variables can confuse our thinking such as; fear, uncertainty, and historical failures. Take into permanent memory that thinking “will not” kill you, and will only work grow and advance you. Prosperity is the result of elevating your mind on to higher levels. There is no danger. You’ll become wiser and increasingly intelligent. The real danger is remaining ignorant and unwise.

If you choose to become self employed, and create employment for others, you are choosing freedom in all of its forms. Managing your own world in your own way.

As you build and create your own structure and foundation, keep in mind that you do not have to reinvent the wheel. The wheel works effectively, you simply have to choose an industry in which you are most passionate and attracted to, then begin to inject your own creativity into it. All while gradually building your skills, and mastering the field in which you are involved in, to support growth and increase success. Always remember, we will always be employees one way or another. It is more self-fulfilling, and profitable to employer our mind in the direction of shaping and building our own lives.

As you prosper, you will gather and customize a set of ways and procedures to conduct your business. There is no shame in starting small, because small is where everyone starts from the moment of birth. There’s no need to be the greatest planner and organizer of things, but there is a need to start planning and organizing to the best of your capability today. The Acorn seed of an oak tree is no larger than 3 inches, but grows into the massive height of about 82 feet. The exact same principle applies to the seed of your success. Your idea may be a simple, unpolished, rough, and sketchy thought which slowly through time and work begins to branch outwards, and share its fruits with the world. Keep moving and prospering.