Any business is subject to financial responsibilities which must be fulfilled, in order to sustain the continued growth and operation of the business. As a result, there are limitation as to how much in labor wages companies are capable of paying out to their employees (in any position within the company). This entirely is normal in the world of commerce, and is simply a part of doing business.

If you are currently employed for a company (of any size or industry), labor wages limitations essentially means that; your income is capped. Unless you’re a part owner of the company, or paid by commission, your total monthly income will remain at a fixed rate. By continuing to invest your time, energy, and efforts with the company your are presently established with, you’re essentially growing and expanding “their” operation and business model.

If you desire to earn an uncapped income (which can be much more than your current total monthly income), creating an establishment and building one’s own customers is the next step. Whether you are working for a company, or working for your own establishment, you will work to serve customers in either situation. The reality is, you will work regardless, so why not work for yourself? The difference between working for a company versus working for yourself is; the volume of work you must perform, and the level of income you will earn in return. If you demand the best things in life (intellectually and materialistically), and are willing to labor smart and hard to earn them, you are naturally choosing to build and serve your own base of customers, through the channel of your own business establishment. The truth is, success is “not limited,” in any way, form, or shape. However, the number of people who are willing to do the necessary work to attain success “is limited.” Intentionally position yourself among the few who are willing to do the smart and hard work to attain the kind of success that is enjoyed only by the minority.

If you choose to apply yourself into; originating, building, and continuing to improve valuable products or services through your own establishment, it is important to enhance your understanding regarding the mentality of your customers. Because without the existence of customers to do business with, no business can prosper or exist. One of the highest possible threats to the existence of any business is; finding no customers to do business with. Hence, it is vital to keep the customer in mind when making decisions.

There is no need to dive into countless books about; theories, assumptions, philosophy and so forth to make sense of the customers mentality. Instead, the most immediate and practical approach to take would be to observe your own experiences, as a “customer.” If you recall, you’ve been a customer for most of your life. Regularly exchanging your money to obtain products or services, classifies you as a customer. Thus, proceeding towards a better understanding of what and how customers generally think, starts with; what and how you normally think, when making purchases anywhere you go, or even from the comfort of home when shopping over the internet. Moving forward, let us consider the following aspects about the mentality of customers.

Pricing your Goods

In order to profitably and effectively serve your products and/or services to potential customers. You must place yourself in the customer’s position. Imagine, and realistically consider, if you were the customer and, you are paying money to receive something of need. How much value (product/service quality, durability, reliability, market value, appeal, etc.)  would you expect for the money you are paying? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you expect the highest in return
  • Premium service
  • Reliable product
  • High satisfaction

What would you expect for your money? Answering such questions is critical, because your ultimate attempt is to provide the greatest value and quality you are capable of providing, in exchange for other people’s money. Consider, how much significance, and exceptional goods can a customer receive for his or her hard earned money? You are the supplier, and the decision maker, therefore the decision is entirely yours.

Keep in mind, the vast majority of people work hard to earn their capital. Hence, their obligations, responsibilities, and bills are always a primary concern. Again, People work hard to earn their money, business owners must sympathize with their customers, to keep and grow their business. Take that fact into account. The money your customers set aside to purchase your offerings must receive the best value in return. If you’ve ever bought anything, and felt that it wasn’t worth the money you spent on it afterwards, you have not received the value you’ve expected. That is precisely what you want to prevent others from feeling and experiencing when they dealing with your business. Give people the most value for their dollar, and people will return to do business, and speak positively about you to others.

Professional Image

Whatever you are offering now, or will be offering the world in the future, always strive to present your merchandise in a professional image. If you personally desire the best merchandise for yourself, then you already have the basic idea of what a professional image should resemble. Simplicity, clarity, eloquence, ease of use and access, and boldness. Whether you are a; designer, artist, home builder, product developer, service provider, speaker, athlete, marketer, or anything else you must always attempt to wrap your work with a professional image.

As in most cases, simplicity is often the best answer. When it all comes down to basics, people are looking for practical experience. Keep your work simple and direct. Consider yourself a professional developer, observe the style of other professional developers in the same field you are involved in. Do not try to copy them, because that will strip away your originality and affect your drive negatively (while also taking the risk of copying their mistakes, and misjudgments). Your goal is to discover, and settle on your own professional style which represents your business.

You may closely observe the styles of others, but must refrain from copying them. Professional conduct of your business includes everything ranging from your words; actions, product and services, uniforms, verbal and written style of communication, website, and business store. Do not let this overwhelm you, because success is a gradual process of development. It is not an overnight accomplishment or a race.

Through a well-defined course of action, in combination with moving forward little-by-little on consistent daily; weekly, monthly, and yearly bases, you will become increasingly established and confidant. Your professionalism and reputation will speak for themselves, through your genuine persistence. And a considerable customer base will become established, continue to expand, and remain repetitive over the coming years. As a result, freedom from working for others will be established, and you will become financially consistent and wealthy with time.