Financial strength is not the amount of money you have, it is the level of discipline & actions you maintain over the years which is the primary cause of building financial stability & wealth.

To establish financial strength you must follow a dependable set of principles. Money does not come by chance, it comes & grows through performing specific actions which support three unified keys:

1. Accumulation of money
2. Protection of money
3. Growth of money

To successfully accomplish all three unified keys, understand & perform the following instructions:


Your thoughts & actions are habits which can work favorably & unfavorably over the years. First, you must develop the “Automatic Habit” of accumulating money.

1 + 1 = 2 always. Start by consistently setting 10% of your total monthly income aside. If you earn $1000 per month, do absolutely everything in your power to extract 10% of it (which amounts to $100). No excuses can be invented , no circumstances must prevent you, and no temptations must break you. You’re performing this for your own sake & interest. Doing this will help you develop the habitual course of action intended to achieve a required result, in this case, the result is the “Automatic Habit” accumulation of money. Calculate the amount of money you will deduct from your weekly, biweekly, or monthly income and Do It year after year.

If you desire physical strength, routinely exercise. If you desire financial stability & wealth, routinely accumulate money.

The amount of money you gather every month is not what’s most important. The most important thing is Gathering It, in order to develop the “Automatic Habit” of accumulating money.


Straightforwardly, do not waste, spend, or tamper with the money you’ve accumulated all month/year long. By firmly avoiding any careless actions, you’ve already taken the second vital step of successfully building financial strength.

No person who desires financial stability & wealth can accomplish this ideal without first protecting the money they have. If you earn $1000 per month, and you accumulate 10% of it (which is $100), you are more financially wise & intelligent than someone who earns $10,000 per month and saves $0 of their monthly income. This is mathematically true. No Tree can grow & become fruitful without first developing healthy roots in the ground. Similarly, no person can grow financially & become wealthy without first developing a healthy understanding & habit of protecting their accumulated money.

To save 10% of your monthly income today only to foolishly spend it next month/year, is no different than planting an Apple Tree today only to foolishly pull it out of the ground the next month/year. In both situations, no real growth of money or apples can ever happen.

Keys to remember:

  • Accumulate 10% of your monthly income year after year
  • Strictly protect your accumulated money from loss
  • Habitually continue Accumulating & Protecting your money


Accumulating and protecting your money it is the essence of financial strength, but no real financial security and wealth can take place without growing your money. If you work for others, you may keep & continue working your current job. However, to get ahead you must start to consider the route of making small investments or starting a mini business, in effort to multiply your money. This is the part where risk actually enters the picture. To gain something, one must risk something. Financial risk is not for the fearful & fainthearted. Your desire to financially prosper must be greater than your fear of losing money. Investing time into researching what types of small investments & mini business suits you best is a good start. At some point in time, you will inevitably risk some of your accumulated money. Keep in mind that your money did not come easily, therefore it must not be wasted recklessly without using your best judgment, research, and reliable advice from qualified individuals.

Word of caution: If succeeding in investments & business was easy, everyone would have already done it. It is difficult and takes much dedication, time, and continues involvement. Therefore, it would be wise to get involved with something you truly love, so that you may tolerate the inevitable hardships over the years.

Keys to remember:

  • Financial security & wealth comes from learning to take risk
  • Do not gamble your money, entrust your money to sensible investments & businesses
  • Involve yourself with doing what you love
  • Consult with qualified professionals, research, and take action