One person may consume a particular kind of knowledge, and, use it to their advantage to create a rich and prosperous life. While on the other hand, another person may consume the same exact kind of knowledge (which the successful person have consumed) and create nothing of value, rendering the useful information they have consumed useless. Individuals who comprehend, and properly utilize what they’ve learned, are more prosperous than individuals who do not understand, misuse, and ignore knowledge.

Knowledge is unquestionably important, but what is more important is the grasping of its intended meaning, and the translating of whatever is clearly understood by the reader, listener, or viewer into action. If one does not take daily consistent action using the practical knowledge they’ve already comprehended, one will not be able to produce and continue to manifest anything of lasting value in their life. This is a fundamental fact about success.

In view of total perspective, it is largely about individuals who continuously produce something of value and real use for other people, and, does it well (countless people can produce products/services of many kinds, but only a handful are truly incomparable). The quality, consistency, and wholesomeness of the what is being produced by you is what matters. As you read, listen, and learn from any resource always remember; the better job you do at absorbing and applying the knowledge you’ve analyzed, the better results you will naturally produce in whatever you do.

Often, the problem can possibly be the misinterpretation, or the misunderstanding of prosperity’s requirements. Let’s take nature for example. If nature was not consistent in its growth cycle, and production of the food we consume (to stay alive and healthy), nature would simply be viewed as unprosperous. Because it would not be “consistently” providing us with the nutritional values “needed” for the well-being of a human body. Fortunately, nature does not; procrastinate, take long periods of time off, worries about problems which can affect the rate and count of its production, as complicated and sophisticated as humans are, nor does it have any human awareness, emotions, or feelings (which, hypothetically, would pose as a major problem to all of humanity). Obviously and thankfully, Nature is impersonal, and continues to do what it does unceasingly and abundantly without any problems. Conversely, the emotions and feelings of a human being can, and often does, get in the way of consistency. We tend to think of “future negative possibilities,” or “past unpleasant experiences which can discourage us,” or “what if I fail ‘again,’ make mistakes again,’ lose something I value ‘again.’” Unfortunately, as a result we tend to avoid taking action, which is a critical and unavoidable requirement of consistency.

In many cases, the type of information and knowledge a successful person has in their possession, is unbelievably similar or exactly the same type of information and knowledge an unsuccessful person has in their possession. The factor which differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful is “consistency of action” and “patience” to produce and cultivate the fruits of their makings. To be faithful in your future and victory for a few months, is really no way to prosper. Faith in your future and victory must be maintained over the years and backed by consistent action. You must manage to stay on your path of growth, while producing value and quality for other people to benefit from.

No human is spared from the inevitable experience of dealing with failure and discouragement. We are all exposed to these natural occurrences. However only the few who realize that failure and discouragement is simply temporary and continue to thrust forward without stopping their efforts to grow and improve, are the few who become outstandingly successful over the years.

The practical knowledge which you consume from others and apply, can work to your advantage in building the the kind of life you desire to live. Find useful knowledge which you can wholeheartedly believe in, and use, as your source of growth to keep moving ahead and thrive. You may find your key knowledge in here, or in a book, perhaps from a mentor, or through a professional, or from someone you personally have known for many years. Regardless of where you find it, be sure not to neglect it and do your best to utilize it to your advantage. Your growth, depends on your ability to take action about what you know. Your growth, does not depend upon how much you know, because regardless of the amount of practical knowledge you possess, it will amount to nothing if it is not mobilized. The key to prosperity is action. It is your ability to prevent emotions from interfering with your consistency, in order to build your vision.

You are completely capable of achieving magnificent things in life. Do not be a victim to self-doubt, hesitation, and lies. All successful individuals that are involved in any field have one thing in common, they “undoubtedly and entirely” believe in themselves. This is where they draw their endless energy, confidence, and continuous will to work hard regardless of the kind or size of obstacles they face in life.

Do not read magazines, or books, which suggests otherwise. Do not listen to the news which will distract you, and sidestep you, from your these simple truths. Keep your mind focused, clear, and sharp. Refuse to believe that ultimate failure, and giving up is an option that is available to you. Fix in your mind that “success is your exclusive option, and you will do whatever it takes to achieve it.” Force yourself to begin traveling the proper path, by enforcing self-discipline.

Performing enough productive actions that are targeted to add value to someone else’s life, will work to reward you. Productively helping others on regular daily basis, at the end of each month and year, you will grant you generous rewards (in many forms). Always remember, life is more about helping others obtain what they need and want.

By thinking this in this fashion, you are not trying to reinvent the wheel. You are simply exercising the same strategy, discipline, and natural laws of success which highly successful individuals and major companies are exercising. Imagine for a brief moment, what would happen if major companies stopped satisfying the needs and wants of their consumers! Without a question, they will cease to grow and prosper, because they will no longer be helping to fulfill the demands of others.

Also consider the following. No major company was born a major company. They had humble beginnings in small ways, and grew to become the sizable operations they are today over the passing of many years. They did not allow failures, critics, and discouragement to stop them from making their efforts to help others. In fact they grew from failures and mistakes by learning from them.

You must practice and learn to adopt the same approach and methodology in your life. Conduct yourself in a productive manner, with the same diligence. Do not overload your mind with unnecessary and impractical information. Consume what is useful, and begin to exercise it on regular basis. Gradually, you will grow increasingly successful and your success will multiply. As a predictable result, you will become more confident. Success breeds success, this is a fact that still holds true until today.

The day you begin to take action towards a well-defined goal, followed by the months and years you demonstrate faithfulness and consistency, is the day you may consider yourself as a truly successful individual. One who is ready and willing to labor with all of their mental and physical energy to fulfill their purpose in life.

Squander no time. Put what you have learned in the past into small plans, and take action today. There’s no need to know exactly what must be done in the beginning of your journey. However, there is a need to begin your journey today, in order to discover exactly what must be done as you move forward. Refer back to this fundamental lesson about the consumption and application of knowledge to refresh your memory from time to time.