Many historical and contemporary great thinkers have used the power of logic in remarkable ways. Their ability (which is an ability that ‘can’ be cultivated, and used by those who desire to profit from it) to think in logical terms, is well maintained and developed. Apparently, since logic is a deep and comprehensive subject, we will retain our focus on aspects that can be used, and benefited from in the course of our day-to-day interactions with the world. The priority is to first; Generally understand basic elements of success, to form a practical philosophy of growing successful. And second is to; begin practicing, and adjusting your personalized practical philosophy of success to match your individuality. If success had “one exact platform of directions,” and, every person on earth had “one exact personality,” then, everyone would succeed at the same rate, and accomplish the same level of success. But, this is not the situation, since as humans, we all are matchless in some, or many forms. This calls into action our gift of thinking and making rational sense of our thoughts, followed by physical application of what we conceive to be workable.

Logical thinking systematically excludes unworkable thoughts and ideas (one by one). Fortune, wealth, and prosperity in whatever conceivable form one can visualize, requires one to be (as much as possible) a realistic and unsentimental thinker. This is because any thoughts) you’re able to conceive under the light of “realism,” are considered to as “workable thoughts” which can be applied and employed repeatedly over the years (to the well being for yourself and those around).

Your personal ability to identify and exclude most, or all, unreasonable considerations (such as; delusional thoughts about enriching the quality of personal/professional life without action, making intelligent decisions without reading and researching related subjects, becoming truly enlightened without accepting some degree of risk) followed by engaging the most useful and practical ideas (such as; considering as many aspects as possible about an important and final decision, simplifying your way of looking at things, seeking and implementing efficiency in all areas of your life instead of complexity) is considered as logical thinking in action (or at least one form of logical thinking).

Logic is gained through a variety of approaches. A few adequate basic techniques that always work well for expanding the capacity of logic is via personal experience (through situations you’ve personally been exposed to), trials and errors (by repeatedly testing different ways of doing things, to find efficiency. While learning from our misconceptions the lead to wrong actions), or by directly seeking valid advice from professionally qualified individuals (those who have been involved in the field we desire to prosper in, for a long time). Remember, no one is born with logic (more accurately, no human is born with any specific rational traits) because it is a faculty of mind which we learn to develop as we grow older in body, and grow younger in mind (young minds are most perceptive, and absorb new knowledge with speed). Logic is a rational indicator that is obtained, organized, and used exclusively by its holder, the holder of this special privilege is you.

To be a logical thinker, teach yourself “not” to unthinkingly accept the message which any situation attempts to portray. In other words, detach your emotions, or any other considerations, that may influence and misdirection your final decision in any unrealistic way. Your ultimate attempt is to, make unbiased and well thought-out decisions which have the power to produce beneficial results. Performing this job takes detachment, clarity of mind, consideration of multiple factors, followed by implementation. This concept is related to all areas of life. You can apply it in any, or all situations which you may encounter.  Again, like anything else. To gain and grow physical strength, one must perform daily physical exercise. Likewise, to gain and grow any type of mental faculty, one must perform daily mental exercises related to dedicated thinking.   

You may not currently be in the position you wish to be in life, beware not to allow your current situation to influence your line of thinking in a negative fashion. Logically, nothing is permanent, and everything is temporary, including the circumstances you are currently experiencing. Life is always fluctuating and changing fortunes among people. To have and keep fortune on your side, it is most logical to prevent your current circumstances from clouding your judgement. Every conclusion you arrive at, usually leads to a decision you will put into action. Therefore, it is wise to carefully examine your conclusions before putting them into action, to minimize losses. Losing is not a bad thing, it is simply the clear and unmistakable language which life uses to speaks to us by, and teach us unforgettable lessons.

Realistically, conclusions can lead to judgments, and judgments can lead to final decisions, and final decisions can lead to affirmative action. Good conclusions begin with your ability to think logically. Your aim is to separate fantasy from reality. The world is full of misleading messages and ideas, the only way for you to tune into reality is to examine the messages and ideas (you’re exposed to) to the best of your current abilities. Examine what people say and do, and think closely about the motive behind what they’re saying or doing. Actions are usually the best indicators, because people may say a mountain of words, but actions act as the final representation of truth.

Learning about the motives of people you deal from different walks of life will expand your intelligence, and allows you to become a better peoples person. The time you invest into thinking about why others think and do things in a certain way, is a good investment of time, because ultimately life is about people. This world would mean nothing, if no humans were to exist in it. Becoming a logical thinker is for the benefit of yourself, and everyone you deal with. There is no other reason for doing so. Life is an everlasting lesson, and it is your job to continue learning and growing your intellect day by day.