Firstly, before considering what some of the components of success are, one must understand that everything is truly connected (in terms of our ideas, thoughts, and actions) and “movement” is responsible for making everything work together flawlessly. Movement is the link which gives life to the what is visible to the human eye and hearable by the ear, and it gives life to the almost invisible elements which cannot be seen or heard with the naked eye, or hearing faculty (such as micro-organisms, germs, viruses undetectable by human eyes, and ultrasonic waves of sound that are undetectable by human ears). And lastly, movement gives life to the “absolutely undetectable” to humans, some may refer to it as God, the Higher Powers, divine being, spirit, and so forth. With that initial and basic understanding in our logical perspective view, we can begin to identify the important elements which create and sustain prosperity in whatever desired form we seek it.

To make things a little more comprehensible, let’s utilize the analogy of machines. Any existing functional machinery that is designed by nature or by man is composed of multiple components. Each necessary component of a machine helps it function properly, and, with applied improvements over the passing of time that machine (visualize any kind of machine, a Bicycle that is made by Man, or a Tree that is created by Nature as an instance) works perfectly as intended.

Success itself is a machinery that is composed of multiple parts. As a rule, each part must be understood and exercised for the machinery of success to work properly.  There’s nothing complicated or impractical about the machine of success, predominantly because millions of people throughout history have already discovered and used its process and understandable workings effectively.

First and foremost, you must come to terms that you do deserve to be prosperous in all possible ways and forms. Once you clearly have faith in this fact, you “unlock” the necessary channels in your thinking pattern to begin realizing what was previously hidden from your attention, and accepting new information which will escalate your frame of mind onto the creative level. As a result that follows, your actions will become more consistent and logical with time. Let us not complicate this “simple process” of success. We are not interested in figuring out “exactly” how the Bicycle is put together, how its technical blueprints are mathematically figured, the length of its chain, materials used in manufacturing the rubber tires, and other functional components of the Bicycle. We are simply interested in learning how to “ride” the Bicycle to reach our intended destination. Success is the machine which most people try to spend a vast amount of time diving and drowning into the blueprints and technical details of, instead of simply using the machine to their growth and benefit. Rather than wasting invaluable time and riddling yourself with loads of unnecessary information and specifications of success, begin to see it for what it “genuinely” is, and at once, bring it to life with movement just as one rides a Bicycle and brings it benefits to life (in terms of a practical method of transportation). Let’s take a quick look at some of the components with constitute success.



Consider desire as the “core drive” of everything. The visible desire for nature to grow its fruits and vegetables is demonstrated before our eyes every day. The desire to become more than what we are as individuals, is within you, and I, and every human being on the face of this planet of miracles. Acknowledging and respecting that powerful desire within us is our duty. If we fail to work hard and fulfill our deepest desires in life, we fail ourselves and our intended purpose in life.

Desire is the core function, and, the heart component of Success. Desireless individuals have no reason to plan, take action, and become more in life. By all means, do not be or become one of them. most people have the need to live a prosperous life which means having; good health, a good home, a reliable transportation, secured professional life, a happy future for their family. Of course, all of these respectable and admirable aims requires having money. However, this is the part where most people make the mistake of directing the majority of their attention on to the process of earning money. This is the part where things go wrong, because as a natural law of cause and effect (to every to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction) whatever we focus our attention on to will grow. Hence, technically speaking, if you focus your attention on money you will be focusing your attention on the wrong aspect of growth. One needs not to focus on money and try to create it, because money already exists (banks are designed to create money for us). Money is simply a tool for exchanging “goods and services.” Therefore, it would be a wise move to focus your attention on the part of creating needed and meaningful “goods and services.”  

Lock your attention on what you desire to grow, just as; farmers grow crops, teachers grow the minds of students, and innovators grow ideas. Ask yourself what do you desire the most? and you begin to grow it. Have the desire to grow, if you do not feel that your desire is present and powerful, find it and empower it.



Directly and briefly, discipline is your ability to move yourself without any procrastination to complete any task at a particular time on a specific day. Completing all predetermined actions without any delay, is discipline. Taking good care of your mental and physical health, is discipline. It is keeping your words and actions truthful and realistic. Any small or large well-established organization knows the importance of discipline, they ensure to pass it down from the highest level to the lowest of their establishments in order to provide the best quality and service they are capable of rendering on a professional level. Ultimately, it all starts with the you and your potential to discipline yourself by doing what is beneficial before reaping the benefits of discipline.

Discipline is not overworking and doing more than what needs to be done. It is about strictly performing the proper amount of work each day without fail. Discipline is what you are performing this exact moment by act of reading to increasing your intelligence and level of awareness. Continuously use (and improve) this critical component of success to add value and move along the proper lines of growth.



No plan, No direction. Without a plan you have no clear way of moving. No systematic way of building. Plans are critically important. However, always remember that plans do not guarantee success. They simply create a route for you to travel, if you encounter problems (which in the world of success is normal and expected) must be ready  to adjust your plans accordingly. If your current plans are ineffective, make immediate adjustments or design a whole new plan if required.

A plan without action, is like an action without a purpose. Your plan can initially be as simple as 1-2-3. There is no need to “overthink” the variables and possible future outcomes of your plan. Nevertheless, there is a need for a plan to exist and be executed. There will always be room for; modifications, additions, and improvements of your initial plan.

Start now, find a small piece of paper and a pen (or any thing which can be used to record and recall your draft at a later time), and begin to sketch down a simple plan. Beware not to delay on your starting plan, begin immediately because time wait for no one.  Delay and procrastination on your part, will only set you on the side of disadvantage. The moment you sketch your plan and act on it, is the moment you begin to move your plan into a state of actualization. Remember, no one is a perfect planner, do not try to be one. One of the basic key components to making plans work is to freely sketch and rearrange them as you move forward. Advanced planning will come at a later stage in time as you become more sophisticated and the needs of your operation begin demand multi-level plans. As of now, focus all of your attention on creating a simple fundamental plan which you can schedule into your daily course of action.



Physical action is the realizer of everything you see and witness around you in the physical world (actions of any form, ranging from spoken words to any and all physical skills). No measurable difference and accomplishments can be realized without physical action. Helping another person in a constructive manner requires action. If you desire to help yourself, you must first help others. It is a foundational law of success and prosperity. If you take genuine and consistent action to make a difference in someone else’s life, you are taking some form of action. Everything that you physically own, and intellectually possess in your mind was orchestrated, manufactured, and delivered to you by someone who have decided to take action. Someone who has set their comfort aside, to help others prosper in some way. A person who was brave enough to take risk. A man or woman who has exercised the law of cause and effect.

You have the same potential in every imaginable way, because you are already naturally equipped with the capabilities of performing any action you can conceive. Our world would not be as advanced, or have the available life supporting systems in place we enjoy today, if people were not active and creative. We would remain in caveman days if no actions to build something of value were “consistently” taken. Begin to act now. If you strongly desire a better life, in any way you envision, then you must strongly desire a better life for someone else, in some way, and begin executing your moves to actualize this noble ideal.



Learning is a limitless process. There is and will “always” be something to for good use to learn from others and yourself (if you practice self-observation and analysis). Continue to educate yourself in every stage and age in life, because all minor and major lesson you accumulate can be used to your advantage in some way. Each lesson will help improve and crystallize everything you do. Making your daily routine, way of thinking, detached view about different situations, more practical and on point. To consistently educate yourself is to stay up to date with the trends in the world (not necessarily becoming a part of them, rather understanding them in order to properly plan around them). Clearly, the aspect of education (in its countless forms) is essential to all of humanity. While you continue to absorb and learn new materials, keep simplicity in mind. As a natural tendency, we can easily become entangled and confused if and when overload the mind with information. Strive to extract the essential parts of every educational lesson, and utilize them in productive ways. For example; you may read a book composed of 300 pages about a particular topic, when you are finished reading, only extract essential key points which you can use to your advantage and implement into your ways of doing things every day. Spend time pondering the keys which you’ve extracted from your readings, think of them under different lights. Examine each key to immerse your mind with multiple possibilities of its uses and applications.

During the next few weeks or month, you may test those keys in action to witness and examine the kind of results they are capable of producing. Take some calculated risk, and push yourself to new limits which you have not previously explored.

The concept is to always educate yourself and gather keys by; examining what you are learning and doing everyday, while extracting only the essential factors which you can use advantageously throughout life. Always learn something of value.



Apparently and with proof, there are no limitations to how much better you and what you do for the world can be improved. Can anyone actually say with complete faith that there are limitations to improvement? I wholeheartedly believe that improvement of self and of anything we do can never come to an end. Continuous improvement is a combination of constant consideration of more efficient and sensible ways of doing things. To stop regular efforts of improvement, is to dramatically affect the process of growth in a negative way. Starting with ourselves; we can always improve our health by eating healthier, improve our strength by performing physical exercise, improve our thinking and our vocabulary, and the like. Professionally and in business, there’s always room to make better relations with people who we deal with. More room to create improved products and services. More effective and improved ways of utilizing the hours we have in each day of the work week. As long as you continue to move forward, and take action, you must make all possible efforts within your reach to keep improving. Beware, do not improve yourself for the sake of being better than anyone else, or to compete in business or job. This would harm the source of your improvement drive. If you properly consider and organize your reasons to improve yourself, they should represent the following order:

  • Improve yourself mentally and physically to live better
  • Improve to help others obtain more value and usefulness
  • Improve to simplicity and practicality in your work & life 

Your reasons improve should not include the following positions:

  • To compete and be more potent than others
  • Wealthier than anyone
  • Smarter than other people
  • Along with a multitude of other unworthy reasons

Originally, You are a creator not a competitor. Creating something is always more effective than competing with something. There’s nothing new about this fact, but naturally we forget these simple yet profound truth. You’ll achieve everything you desire, and, help others attain what they want in the process, if you simply continue to create and improve. Dealing with the pain and pressure of success is as difficult as dealing with the pain and pressure of regret. Desiring prosperity by only dreaming about it, will  give rise to regrets and additional disappointments. Keep improving and fearlessly moving.