Confidence is what empowers one to take risk. Without it, reaching the highest possible accomplishments one is capable of achieving in life is not possible. Your ability to claim what is righteously yours by taking affirmative action depends on having “complete confidence” in yourself to do so. Confidence can be considered as the invisible certificate of guarantee which you possess at all times. It is a positive self-perception that is born from having faith in one’s present and future potential. It is freedom from doubt and distrust in our inherent ability to achieve.

In order for self-confidence to grow, endure, and continue to reflect its benefits on its beholder, insecurities must be reduced and eventually vanished. Personal, Professional, and Financial affairs are three different areas of general insecurities which can negatively impact the individual’s confidence if they’re not addressed and well managed. To be insecure about yourself, insecure about your profession, and insecure about your financial situation (in one or all three areas) is most certainly harmful to your confidence. Let’s take a closer look at the things which grow and develop confidence and briefly some of the things which can (and will if you allow them) harm and discourage your confidence.


Growth and Development of Confidence

To be secured about the self and maintain a level of assuredness to skillfully complete a task of any kind, requires some degree of experience. Experiential knowledge is not gained by simply reading and talking about a subject or a thing one dreams to fulfill. It is a knowledge that is intentionally captured through the “physical involvement and interaction” with other people and tools of the trade. To gain nothing, do nothing. To gain something of value which works to expand your self-confidence, get involved and begin to interact with the people, the tools, and the world around you. It is unnecessary for one to suffocate themselves in a world of information, obsession, and none-stop involvement in order to gain confidence in themselves, because confidence is a seed which takes some time to grow and mature. You need to reserve and strategically divide your energy and time among other necessary variations of success. In other words, do not not focus all of your time and energy on becoming confident. Plant, care for, and grow your confidence, the same way you would plant, care for, and Grow a small tree. Taking small and consistent actions everyday to improve your experience and knowledge about anything you would love to become a part of, is a surefire way to create and expand confidence in any area of your life.

As you continue to take predetermined actions on daily basis, inevitably in some cases, you will face some discouraging days and some phenomenal days. Nevertheless if you persist you will discover that over the long run the accumulation of phenomenal days will amount to many more than the amount of discouraging days. As a logical (and automatic) result, your confidence level will soar high by simply realizing the truth of this basic plain fact.

If you set your focus on maintaining your consistency and increasing the level of your gainful actions, you will consequently increase the amount of phenomenal days, thus causing your confidence level to become progressively substantial. In regards to discouraging days, when your actions may not produce the intended results (which is completely normal at times), set your focus and attention on the lessons to be gained from those undesirable days. Take the time to reflect on the lessons to be extracted from those discouraging days. This will set the odds in your favor by 1- demonstrating your ability to cleverly utilize lessons which others fail to capture and use to their advantage 2- by displaying and testing the disciplined side of yourself during hardships.

Understand, your are made to do great things (yes, you). If you do not manage to move yourself despite all of the good or bad things that can (and will) happen to you sooner or later, no one will move you to accomplishment. To gain something of desire, we sometimes have to lose something we have been holding onto for so long, to the point we actually thing we own it (for some strange reason), everything in life is “temporary and provisional.” If you want to grow successful, happy, rich, in whichever form or way desire you must learn to “let go” of the things which keep you “chained.” If this unbiased truthful realization which I have imparted onto your awareness is not sufficient to move you, then, you need to spend more time searching for other ways to move yourself to great accomplishment. Because whatever may appear to be truthful and powerful to one individual, may appear to be indifferent and weak for another individual. This is also completely normal, since regardless of how we view things, there always seems to be two sides to the case.

Nevertheless, why waste valuable time when you can take up these workable fact and practical beliefs to dramatically boost your self-confidence and being to design and climb your own ladder of prosperity? Why not determine to be whoever you decide to be NOW? Why not take action NOW? Why not get involved and enlightened NOW? I can promise you that whatever “you think” is holding you back, is nothing but a figment of your imagination. Excuses are weak and unreliable when it ultimately comes down to personal growth and prosperity. You were “born” confident, but you simply learned to talk yourself “out” of being confident because that’s what “society” is very good at teaching the majority of people. You will not find any classes in educational institutions that focus and teach people the importance of confidence, because it is simply not part of their “curriculum” to instill and reinforce self-confidence in the hearts of their students. This is not necessarily a bad or good thing, it simply is. The focus here is to become acquainted and aware of your personal confidence and begin build and expand it in ways which have not previously not crossed your attention. Remember, it is critically important to grow your level of intelligence by reading, however, you cannot grow your level of confidence by simply reading. Daily Diligent Action is required.