Some individuals may think they have plenty of time, some may think they have some time, and some may think they have no time. Regardless of which category you may be a part of, when it comes to getting things done, speed is essential. By taking a moment to observe the changing world around us, one will realize that everything is moving at an alarmingly fast rate. The available hours per day are limited, our physical and mental energy is limited. Yet, the responsibilities and priorities are many and, in spite of everything, work and tasks must be handled on time.

The window of opportunity to do something good for yourself (like building your vision, day by day), and others (like providing useful products/services, or donating your time to good causes) is a window that can open and close rapidly. As I’ve mentioned many times before; Success is not a race, however when it is time to get things done, it is highly important to get them done properly and quickly.

Understand, by developing yourself to become a more efficient individual, in the process of doing so, you are also growing skillful and preparing to take on the multitude of current and future confrontations. Speed is your ally in this venture. Refrain from confusing the expression of “fast” with the expression of “hurry.” Your goal is not to be in a hurry to get anywhere, or to get anything done. Hurry is the situation of unpreparedness (unprepared individuals are often in a hurry). Fast is a quality of being well prepared in advance. The goal is to be efficient, effective, and fast as an individual while remembering that success is not a race, but a gradual process of growth. Viewing things under the light of competition can (and usually does) discourage one from enjoying the process of growing successful. The process becomes a burden (tangled with anxiety), rather than a development of self and the fulfillment of purpose.

At this point, the question which you may be asking is; “How can I become a faster individual?” Fortunately and unfortunately there are many ways to answer this question. Fortunately because; there are a multitude of methods which you can implement to become a faster individual. Unfortunately because; not all of them will work for you as an individual (every person is unique). In any case, understanding and open-mindedness is required for anything to work properly. The reality is, whatever method which might work very well for others, may not work well for you. Conversely, whatever method which might not work well for others, may work very well for you. Regardless, let us focus on the most effective and time-tested methods which can generally work well to enhance one’s rate of speed when it comes to getting things done.

Organized Thoughts and Surroundings

Every thought in your mind, along with the physical assets you own, are organized in a particular way by you. Hence, it is your responsibility to maintain a supportive thought structure and keep things physically well-ordered. Let us overview the two most important aspects which we must keep in good order.

  • Thoughts – whatever your belief structure may be, remember that it is a combination of thoughts which must remain organized in order for you to recall and access quickly whenever the need arise to stay; spirited, productive, helpful to yourself and others, or for any other sensible reason.
  • Surroundings – Whatever physical surroundings you live or work in, are a combination of physical objects. Your home is the recreational area which you live in. Your workplace and office (or home office)  is your productivity area.

The structure of your beliefs can be a combination of favorable thoughts which must be summoned when the need arises. For example; you may be having a troubling day, which perhaps can negatively affect your thinking, consequently resulting in counter-productivity and waste of valuable time. In such situations, summoning and reflecting on a store of Positive Beliefs which can help you swiftly switch from a negative state of mind to a positive state of mind is a practical move to make. Just as a Fire Extinguisher is kept ready in most buildings and homes to extinguish any possible fires, similarly, you must manage to keep a store of Positive Beliefs to extinguish any possible negative situations if and when they do emerge (for the good of yourself and others). This simple (yet strikingly effective) attitude can work wonders and help promote one get things done quickly, and become a progressively efficient person.  

There is no need to elaborate on the importance of keeping your home organized. A neat and well organized home, regardless of luxury or simplicity, is a clear sign of an organized mind. On the other hand, the need to keep your workplace and office well-ordered is critically important to support speed. Finding what you need, the moment you need it, and being able to make a habit of it, is a smart start. Some uninformed individuals may underestimate the importance of staying organized, thus waste valuable time searching for something of need; perhaps an important letter from last year, a note of a creative idea (with great potential), an important tax document (which could save one from trouble and distress), or any physical object of importance. Once again, an orderly workplace will help you position all of the key materials at your fingertips. In many cases, the less is more. If you do not need something, dispose of it (or isolate it from your eyesight in a safe place). Successful individuals accept and respect the importance of staying organized, and do not make the mistake of underestimating it.

Some of the most obvious and useful techniques that work to promote speed and help make life a little more balanced, are often overlooked. Strangely, many people confuse themselves by adding more significance to simple ideas. Avoid being a victim of this common mistake. The simpler you keep and manage things, the better.

As a solid rule, remember that “simplicity and organization promote speed.” Hence, clarity of thinking in combination with organized surroundings, will help promote and maintain a profitable course of action over the years. To underestimate the importance of speed in which you get things done, is to position yourself in an unfavorable setting. Speed works to the benefit of two sides, yours and the people you’re helping and dealing with. Success can be very demanding at times, to make your affairs straightforward, master the skill of rapidly completing any actions that must be performed on daily basis. Remember to reflect on this lesson during days which you feel that you’re under-performing or need to briefly refresh your memory about the subject of speed. The lesson of speed is intended to help you think and move in a “fast and flexible” fashion. Memorize what you can, and implement the concept of speed into your daily routine.