The price we pay for what we want from life depends on what we seek. I would rather be; hungry, cold, tired, poor, and “know” exactly who I am and what I am capable of, than possess materialistic riches, and remain unaware of who I am, and what my true capabilities are. Being unaware of your true identity can be compared to; an Eagle thinking & acting like a Chicken, avoiding flight & living in a cage, instead of soaring through the sky.

This life is not simply about living, family, friends, bills, and then departing to the next world. It is about finding yourself. Truly doing so will grant you serenity, peacefulness, and composure. These qualities will radiate through your mentality, your words, your actions, and dealings with people around you. Confidence and decisiveness will become part of your daily routine, humbleness to admit and learn from mistakes will be part of your personality and will work to advance you in countless ways. Living a wholesome life will take root, and, will continue to add tremendous value in every possible way.

The road to victory is long. Don’t expect to prosper overnight. I can tell you from personal experience, I have lost a massive amount of Time, Energy, and Money “before” I understood that something was missing. Something which I was not clearly grasping, which kept me on the losing side longer than I expected or wanted. That missing part was “Me.” I simply wasn’t aware of who I am, what I am about, and as a result, was blind to see my own capabilities.
I got involved in the wrong businesses, got taken advantage of, got fooled, and after all the pain and pressure, became someone I didn’t even know anymore. I was lost, really lost.
At some point in time after a few major defeats, my mentality transformed. I declared war on my own ignorance. I began constructing and collecting what made sense and throwing out anything that seemed inconsistent, flawed, fallacy, and deceptive.

For me, it wasn’t about securing financial freedom, status, or whatever anymore. Because I didn’t even care about such matters, at that point in time. All that mattered to me was finding peace. Again, I lost so much, just to find myself. The “original pain & pressure” still lives within me, I am defined by it. The price I paid was worth it (and will continue to pay) because I found something that is priceless, something that keeps me moving, I found myself.

I want you to do the same. Pay the price. Do not worry about what you might lose or win. Focus on finding, and defining yourself. It may take years, but trust that it is well worth it. Understand, knowing yourself and your true capabilities will give you a sharp edge. In this world, you need that sharp edge. You must be bold, clear, definite, and on point.
We’re not living in the stone age, we live in an advanced world which requires more than simply being a Nice Person. We must be respectful, sharp, intelligent, organized, clear, communicative, productive, and mindful.

I believe that you have those qualities, but you must not be afraid to “risk & lose” in order to allow those qualities to surface, and become a part of your daily life.

I am Mover. Who are you?

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