Effective Time Management boils down to 3 basic stages:

  1. Prioritize
  2. Schedule
  3. Act

Naturally, we tend to think, “There must be more than that to it!”

There isn’t.

I own and operate a 7-figure restaurant business, manage the daily schedule of 25 crewmembers, and consistently deliver exceptional attendance results. Never have I needed more than the ability to prioritize, schedule, and act. 3 basic steps that anyone can take to effectively manage time.


Yes! Of course, there’s a degree of thinking that goes into prioritizing and scheduling, usually a small degree that requires little time.
I can’t recall doing anything in life without thinking. Be it as a little boy timing the arrival of the Ice Cream truck on my block, or as a businessman creating jobs and serving my community.


Much of the time, our success depends on action.
In my 25 years of working experience, at the end of each day, it does not matter how well I prioritize and schedule myself and my team if people don’t act; all priorities and scheduling become useless.
Action makes the wheels turn.


So, where should you start?
I suggest you start by prioritizing your tasks: from the most important to the least important. There are tons of ideas out there that offer various ways of prioritizing tasks.
The way you prioritize them does not make a difference, prioritizing them does.
To get a better idea about the concept of priorities visit INSERT POST NAME LINK.


After you find your preferred method of prioritizing, start scheduling your tasks. Use your digital calendar, paper calendar, or a piece of paper and pencil to schedule your tasks.
It doesn’t matter what you use. Just be 100% sure you have a way to record your scheduled commitments.
That’s the point of scheduling.


Then, once you’ve prioritized and scheduled your tasks; take timely action. Get up and get moving.
Nothing will happen until you move.


What’s your experience like with managing your time?
Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about it!

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