False and True Doubts

When you experience doubt, know that something is wrong. Either the action you’re about to take is wrong, or you’re just feeling doubtful because of fear. Distinguishing between both, before taking action, gives you more control and overall better results.
First, before making a move, ask yourself: Is my decision wrong or am I just afraid? Yes, keep it absolutely simple. There can only be 2 major possibilities that are stopping you: wrong or fear.

Consider the first possibility seriously, do a little research, and if, in fact, the decision you’ve made is wrong, then your doubts were correct. And they have worked in your favor this time. But, if after you’ve done some research and cannot find flaws with your decision, then fear is the only possible factor that is stopping you from acting. If so, then you have a new task to finish, eliminating your fear.

Decisions without action are nothing. One can make all sorts of brilliant decisions, but they’ll only shine if they’re put into action. If fear (or any other factor) continues to slow or stop you, then nothing will get done, and every decision will be pointless. To take the fear out of the equation: understand it. When you take time to understand the source of your fear, you’re also taking time to eliminate it. It is true that people fear what they don’t understand. Your task is to bring to light whatever nightmare or delusion that influence your decision. Some people think they’re in control of their decisions when the contrary is true. Their fear manipulates and controls their decisions.

Decisions and Steps

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