You might wonder sometimes; “what exactly is MOVER trying to do?” And why does he keep reminding us on regular daily basis about “what it takes to ‘be and remain’ successful?” Frankly, from my personal views and experience, success can (and does) provide peace-of-mind for the individual. I strongly believe if we can help one another “be and remain” successful, there would be many more people with good habits, more sincerity, increased gratitude and as a result, a better overall quality of life for the majority. You see, the greater number of successful (in all aspects & variations of success) people walking this Earth, the better “quality of life” we can shape and build for our families, self, and future generations.
I believe that truly successful people leave a path of lessons and methods behind them for others to “observe and adopt” if they wish to succeed. To succeed in the long run, one must apply a systematic approach of doing things. Human nature is naturally “Chaotic.” Many people spend their time being consumed and involved in pointless life situations, reacting compulsively to other people and problems, making little or no difference/progress in their lives or the lives of others. Clearly, this a “destructive” pattern leading to a dead-end road. I cannot help anyone who does not “desire” to improve their quality of life. One must genuinely desire to learn what it takes to succeed “before” one actually succeed and accomplish their dream(s) and objectives in life.
Like anything else in Life, it takes boldness and willingness to risk something in order to gain something. I know firsthand from experience (professional & personal) that if I give “whatever” I do in life %110 of my genuine effort, I am bound to succeed and continue to do so. Again, it’s not magic, but it does take time and “if available” a teacher or mentor to assist as a guide. If you cannot find a mentor, you must learn how to observe and learn from all of your personal & professional mistakes by taking notes and deeply observe lessons. To be blunt, you are going to learn how to succeed (if you’re seriously serious) regardless, the only difference is; it will take you a longer period of time “without” the presence of a mentor. With the help of an experienced successful individual (mentor), you’ll avoid many of the” pitfalls” and the “going in circles” that is inevitably experienced by every person climbing the Mountain of Success. No matter what field you’re in, or whatever life accomplishments you are trying to achieve it’s always better to have a guide along the way. 
For me, my Mother was all the help and guiding I needed. I strongly desired a good standard of living for her “first” and for myself “second.” That powerful desire pushed me to limits I was not even aware of. A Mother’s Love is a powerful drive, I couldn’t stress or explain the difference it makes in Man’s or Women’s life. As a Boy, my Mother always “made sure” to provide me with things I needed, even though she didn’t have much and with very limited income. Those little things (which are not little at all) meant a lot to me. Now, those little things she had done for me as a Boy, mean the World to me. Therefore, with or without a Mentor, I was going to make it as a prosperous  individual regardless of circumstances (firstly for her, secondly for myself). I was ready (and still am) to risk any and everything. In short, I simply left no “other options” on the table.
I emphasize the importance of sticking to the basics in life to promote “real success.” Dedication, consistency, respect, wholesomeness, moral values, ethics, trust and of course Love. Again, as a reminder, success is “peace-of-mind” the only way to obtain that “status” is to practice these values regularly. Sure, we all have rainy days. We simply have to learn how to weather the storm to the best of our abilities. Take your time with success, it’s not a race or an overnight process and rest assured that if you are doing good things every day, you are unquestionably a successful individual who is making a difference and leading a prosperous meaningful life.
Thank you for reading my words with an open mind and attempting to see the alternatives. Prosperity is different for us all, nevertheless whatever it means to you, find it and maintain it to enjoy life and all of its wonders. Keep a positive forward movement.
Stand Strong
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