People created systems to manufacture balance and prevent confusion. Unfortunately, as those systems were created, no account of “preserving one’s unique individuality” was taken into consideration by those system creators. Laws were created and passed, educational systems were formed and set in motion, supply and demand of goods and services became the primary focus in many countries throughout the world. Laws enforced, Education and Jobs were all created in order to systemize and control the masses (including future generations) for various reasons, perhaps for the best interest of all humanity! Or maybe they were created for power and control, since evidently  those systems work to abundantly benefit the “minority” for their mental and physical efforts, and abuses the “majority” for equal or extra amounts of physical efforts.
Without a choice, “you and I” are born into a world of systems. Since those systems were created by the minority to be “used” and remain “ambiguous,” no  “leveled playing ground” to make it very clear and fair to everyone exists. Without a clear understanding of those systems (Laws, Education, Businesses, etc) in an easy to digest way found in a public location, confusion easily spreads, and the majorities naturally conform to these systems. This is not an attack on any sort of system; this is the simple truth which many of us already know. There is a good side to those systems in the sense of “safety,” “stability,” “order,” and “proposed career choices.” But of course, there’s also an unfavorable side. The unfavorable side is, becoming a slave of the system and losing touch with who you really are and what you are in this world for. Survival, family, work, education, problems, situations and other factors consume the majority of your time and thinking. Over time, one can easily lose focus and become consumed by all of these inescapable life variables. In the process, this can negatively affect one’s confidence; self-worth, self-esteem, creativity, vision and greatly impact one’s ability to distinguish truth from lies (or even to bother finding the truth).
This unfavorable cycle that begins with Systems, Minority abusing the Majority, Challenge to find one’s self among all the chaos and the struggle along the way can be quite depressing and destructive to some individuals. There’s no peace in being lost and confused. I know that firsthand.
This raises the question of; “so what can we do to change that?” and the answer is “Nothing.” The solution is for each individual to understand “how” these systems are operated and ran, and how one can “adjust and adapt” to them. They do say, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” I say, “If you can’t beat them, join them, understand them and help ‘improve’ them for the sake of yourself, family and all humanity.” Better solutions to individual and general problems are not found in “retaliation & disagreement” but are found in “understanding, adapting and finally thinking/working to form and  promote better solutions.”

If you seek a bright future for yourself and your family, you must first find and understand “yourself” in order to have peace and balance within your own mind. Secondly, begin to work on making sense of other aspects in your life as far as family, profession, spirituality and of course the kind of contribution you were born to make and give to the world as a unique individual. I am MOVER, my contribution to the world is to help you understand what I understand. I am not perfect, nor will I ever be. I clearly understand this factor; however, I will not stand around and watch others walk towards a dead-end road while remaining silent and motionless. This is our fight as a whole and our challenge as individuals. This will take time, be patient and keep moving ahead. God bless.Remember; “To achieve MORE, one must ‘THINK & do MORE’.”

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