Each move described here is easy to understand and perform to build a certain reality. Read and reflect on the definition of each move to grasp the underlying meaning. All sorts of moves can be enacted by you and will all work to your advancement. It is merely a matter of choosing to execute those moves, and remain consistent, in order to produce the outcomes you seek.

ConsecutiveLogical moves performed in a regular succession without interruption.
DisciplinedMoves that are executed regardless of feelings or moods. Tiredness, stress, and/or pain are irrelevant when disciplined moves are enacted.
ConstructiveMoves which promote the development of your purpose. Each constructive move is intentional and is made according to a specific strategy and plan.
RequiredMoves which cannot be skipped. Increased strength require exercise. Improved vocabulary require reading. To ensure progress, relevant moves are not optional.
PracticalMoves that are pondered and planned using sensible and applicable principles. If the move is impractical or unnecessary; it will not be implemented.
StupidUnforeseen moves. Explainable only after their occurrence. Stupid moves are initially ambiguous.
Short-termMoves performed with maximum effort for 2-12 months to jumpstart a lifelong habit, objective, or project. Extended work hours and additional pressure are part of the short-term moves.
Long-termMoves performed with minimal effort for dozens of years to create and/or maintain a specific result. Minimal effort is needed to perform the long-term calculated daily moves.
UnstoppableUnquestionable and inevitable moves that will happen regardless of the odds. Thought out and planned way in advance.
UnplannedMoves which have no fundamental basis, consistency, or appreciable value.
DestructiveMoves that bring loss and ruin to previous, current, or future establishments.
InventiveThoughts moving in various directions energized by various inspirations aimed at discovering the unknown. The inventive mind is indescribable since only its owner has absolute access to it.
AdvancedMoves backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience.
EmotionalMoves initiated by sensations (e.g., happiness, sadness, sorrow, etc.) instead of logical thinking. Emotional moves can cause unnecessary loss of time and resources.
NowMoves triggered by sudden realizations. See something wrong? Prioritize it and make an immediate move to resolve it.
AwakenedMoves that are completely new to you. Such moves are 'self discovered' after experiencing intense pressure of any type. Awakened moves cannot be discovered if one aborts moving forward regardless of pressures. New moves are revealed along the way, at some point, after becoming aware of your mental scotoma ('psychological scotoma' is a blind spot. It occurs in the way we view reality. It means there is information in our experience that is inconvenient for our ego, and it responds by turning a 'blind eye' to it).
DoneThe end of a each move. Accomplished, grateful, and happy feelings are followed by getting moves done.
SilentMoves made regularly without making them known. The workload occurring behind the scene is a set of consecutive moves. Observers are often amazed with the results; but will rarely realize the trouble, time, and effort you've invested into the establishment.