Every Human is gifted with a gravitational force which attracts particular kind of thoughts that work to provoke specific actions. This is not theoretical or hypothetical. What you think about is exactly what you will attract sooner or later, now and tomorrow. The velocity and magnitude of your thoughts will determine the amount of focused thinking and premeditated actions you will produce consistently. The strength of your core beliefs is the fundamental support and progressive drive laboring non-stop to propel you forward every day of your life.

My Gravity Codes are; positivity, productivity, confidence, courage, clarity, and movement to make it all possible. In any situation when I am not sure what to do, I am sure of one thing; an inferior plan mixed with insignificant decisions to take action NOW is better than the perfect plan/decisions to take action LATER. My professional work ethics are simple and direct;

– Invest the time I have been granted on earth wisely
– Remain a productive & consistent human being
– Help others achieve and prosper
– Keep learning from all victories and failures

What are your Gravity Codes? What kind of thoughts captures your attention? What values do you allow yourself to become dominated, directed, and moved by? These questions are simple but vitally important to answer for yourself in order to have a laser-sharp vision of the path you must travel until your last breath. Once you clearly identify your answers, rest assured that the majority of your line of thinking and actions are based on a solid foundation that goes hand in hand with prosperity and abundance. Nevertheless, if you are not sure what to do next, be sure to create simple plans and act on them immediately. This is one of my primary keys to fortune. Use it.

My Primary Objective
Inspire the Homeless!

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